Video: This Legend Baja Trailer May Be the Best Choice to Get Your Off-Road Toys into the Wild!

It has a crazy high payload.

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What’s the best way to bring your off-road toys (motorcycles or a side-by-side) to the trail? It may be this Legend Baja Trailer that is designed in conjunction with I take a close look at this trail on this episode of TFL Camper Corner.

This is an all-aluminum trailer that has a higher ride height and some grippy 33-inch all-terrain tires. These tires will help this trailer have more lateral grip in slippery conditions. One of the stand out features of this trailer is its maximum payload capacity. For the trailer you see here – it’s around 5,300 lbs. This trailer’s GVWR is 7,000 lbs. The empty weight on this particular trailer is under 2,000 lbs. Yes, this trailer can haul some of your heaviest off-road machines.

The main section of this trailer is 14 feet long with a two-foot v-nose section upfront. The trailer is equipped with two windows a side door, insulated walls, and an air-conditioning unit on top. It has many lights inside and out. It has a connection for the shore power and 110-volt outlets inside (generator not included). The trailer is equipped with a side ladder and a roof-mounted storage rack.

Considering how light this aluminum trailer starts out as, it can be towed by some midsize SUVs and midsize pickup trucks – if you do not max out the trailer’s payload or your tow vehicle’s payload ratings. A half-ton truck or full-size SUV will be ideal for pulling this trailer to any camping location or off-road area.

The price for the trailer you see here is around $22,000.