Video: Here Is Why I Bought a New Jeep Wrangler Instead of a Ford Bronco!

This Willys Sport is one of the most affordable Wranglers.

2021 jeep wrangler ford bronco

Our very own Tommy Mica just purchased a brand-new 2021 Jeep Wrangler Willys Sport. It’s one of the more affordable Wranglers you can currently buy that is equipped for off-roading. This is Tommy’s very first all-new vehicle purchase. Of course, he has owned many vehicles in the past, including several used Jeeps.

Does Tommy have any regrets about purchasing the new Wrangler when the new 2021 Ford Bronco is hitting the dealership lots? Check out the video below for a detailed look at what Tommy considered when making this Jeep order and the purchase.

By the way, this Wrangler has aa 3.6L gas V6 and a 6-speed manual transmission. It does NOT have power locks, power windows, power mirrors, or a hardtop. It DOES have air conditioning.