Jeep Wrangler Freedom? This Two-Door All-Electric Jeep Is Teased

Is this two-door Jeep Wrangler EV “Freedom” the real deal? (Images: Stellantis)

In a major promotional video recently released, Jeep teased a two-door Wrangler EV that had the name “Freedom” on the hood.

Yes, Jeep already has a two-door Wrangler EV Magneto prototype that some folks (like us) were lucky enough to drive. It’s a pretty good bet that the same one-off we drove was the basis for the one used in the video below. There is one huge difference, and it may have ramifications that reach into future production… this one had “Freedom” printed on the hood. The prototype we played with was called the “Magneto.”

Before we dive into the significance of this, we need to explain what this video is all about.

On Thursday, July 8th, Stellantis celebrated their “EV Day.” This was a grand announcement about what consumers and shareholders should expect over the next decade. This event covered all brands, and it allowed Stellantis to focus the spotlight on electrification. That’s because Stellantis wants to have an electrified option for just about every vehicle from every brand. That also includes Jeep.

Simply put, Jeep promises to have an electrified option for every one of their vehicles by 2025. In some cases, all-electric. Stellantis used this promotional video to tease the future of the Wrangler, and one of the first ones we see is a two-door Wrangler EV. This suspiciously familiar-looking vehicle was labeled with the word “Freedom” on its hood.

We’re pretty sure this is the same two-door Wrangler EV as the Magneto

There’s more: Jeep hinted about future innovation that sounds like it will be connected to the Jeep Wrangler Freedom and other products. At one point in the video, it shows a two-door Wrangler EV using biometric recognition for security. It also shows “drone pairing” which allows a drone to light the way on a trail (among other things, I’m sure).

On top of all that, it shows peer-to-peer charging, which basically lets one vehicle charge another, and optical location verification. They also showed a four-door Wrangler EV bounding around off-road autonomously. Two lovebirds are laying down, inside the Wrangler, stargazing as the Wrangler effortlessly (and driverless) bounds through the wild.

I thought it was folly at first, but it could work using breadcrumbs on a well-known path – I guess.

Anyway, the showcase teased a lot of other vehicles too. On top of that, they show some silhouettes of current and future products at the very-VERY end of the video. That would include a vehicle that looks different than the Wrangler, yet looks very off-road-worthy.

What Is This?

This could be the long-rumored micro Wrangler. Basically, a tiny Wrangler to combat the popular Suzuki Shogun. Mayyybbbbeeeeee.

Here’s the video!

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