2023 Ford Ranger Raptor Spied! Is Ford REALLY Going To Build An Affordable Raptor? (Video)

Ranger Raptor
The Ford Ranger Raptor is available in global markets, but not in the U.S. — at least for now.

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We have some great new video below of what we think is the 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor.

Will we get a 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor? At first, Ford said absolutely not; which was back when they reintroduced the Ranger to our market. Since then, the U.S. market had to watch from afar as overseas’ markets got to play with a new Ranger Raptor.

Oddly, a few years ago, we started seeing test mules (prototypes) running around the Rocky Mountains. All of them appeared to be right-hand drive, which would indicate they were from countries like Australia. While a bit startling, it’s not that unusual for foreign market vehicles to test in the Rockies. We’ve seen it many times. The combination of high elevation, fast highways and cold weather are ideal for evaluating vehicle performance.

There are indications that a 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor may come here.

Andre received some interesting evidence that may point to a production Ranger Raptor for our market. Michael, a TFLtruck viewer caught some fantastic footage in Michigan. While the truck was heavily camouflaged, it’s pretty obvious that this is no ordinary Ranger.

Wheels, tires (maybe 35-inch, like the Bronco) blistered fenders, twin exhaust orientation, bumper, and the (mostly) hidden suspension are giveaways. The size and shape smack of a mini Raptor. Oh, and it looks like it has external cameras, like 360-degree setup as well.

The driver is sitting on the left side, which is different from the Australian models we’ve seen testing in the past. That’s a big change, one that might indicate a model for our market. The stance, ride height and design are very different than a less bulky Ranger.

Ranger Raptor
We caught this Ranger (Raptor?) testing with a Bronco *Warthog?) in the past. Image: TFLtruck

Our viewer Joseph shot one of our other Ranger Raptor test mules that Andre shows us as well. On top of that. Roman and Tommy captured footage in the past. All of this evidence doesn’t seal the deal, but it sure looks promising.

There’s more: Andre shows the viewers a Ford Bronco chassis, and gives us a logical spin on what Ford could be up to. Remember, the Ranger’s (modified) platform is used by the Bronco. Also, they are both built in the same plat in Wayne, Michigan.

Check out this video and tell us what you think!