Video: I’ve Owned A 2021 Ram TRX For 6 Months — But Is It REALLY The Apex Predator Off-Road Truck?

Here's what it's been like to own a TRX so far this year

Video: I've Owned A 2021 Ram TRX For 6 Months — But Is It REALLY The Apex Predator Off-Road Truck?
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Roman and Tommy head up to Webster Pass to put their 2021 Ram TRX through some picturesque off-roading.

After half a year of ownership, Roman gets a chance to regale the viewers with his experiences while bounding around off-road in the Rocky Mountains. Sure, six months isn’t a ton of time when you look at the big picture; however, we usually keep our long term test vehicles for around a year, so the timing makes sense. On top of that, with the serious workout the TRX has received, it’s informative to see what’s broken – if anything.

For those of you who don’t know the basics of this 2021 Ram TRX: it’s a TRX TR1 package with a sticker price a hair over $77,000. That’s about a step above the “base” model. This TRX is equipped with a towing package, with little else – but it still has a well appointed (comfortable) interior. The big deal is the standard supercharged Hemi V8. It makes 702 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque. It has an advanced 4WD/AWD system that keeps maximum traction on the ground at all times. The whole kit and caboodle runs through a beefed-up eight-speed automatic transmission.

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Is this the “Apex” of predator trucks?

That’s Roman-speak for a dominate off-road pickup, which it is. Still, like the Raptor, it does just about everything with authority, but it’s mainly a desert truck. That is to say, it’s happiest bound over dunes and running flat-out over dirt roads.

There are a few things that are (for now) best in class – for a super-truck. It can out-tow, out accelerate and out-haul the current Ford Raptor. Off-road, it’s a brute, but at 6,500 lbs, it’s a heavy brute. The Raptor is significantly lighter, so it ,ay not match its maneuverability in the dirt. At least, it certainly doesn’t feel as maneuverable as the Raptor.

As for the Jeep Gladiator Mojave, and the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2? Both are smaller, less expensive and are far more efficient. Both midsized pickups are able to go places the girthy TRX and Raptor cannot. On the other hand, they are snails compared with the TRX and Raptor. The TRX would overwhelm all of these trucks in terms of power and brute strength.

… but, is that enough?

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