Video: The Lexus LX J201 Concept Is The Ultimate Off-Roading Toyota/Lexus You Have Never Heard Of!

2022 lexus lx570 lx j201 overland concept 4x4 suv

This might just be the ultimate, the most capable, the most optioned, and the most powerful Lexus LX570 overland rig out there. This is the Lexus LX J201 Concept that was commissioned by Lexus. This big V8-powered Lexus SUV has been thoroughly upgraded with a selection of high quality components to increase its off-road and long-haul capability.

The J201 Concept features a suspension lift, aggressive all-terrain tires, front & rear bumpers, steps/rock sliders on the side, a spare tire carrier, a winch, front and rear ARB air lockers, a heavy duty roof rack, additional lights and more. The standard 5.7-liter V8 is supercharged with a Magnusson blower to produce about 550 horsepower. This is more than enough power to get this big a heavy beast up to speed with no sweat. The differential has been redone with a performance 4.30 gear set.

The standard Lexus LX 570 is already a very comfortable and capable off-roader. Although, the stock LX may struggle with the ground clearance and approach/breakover/departure angles. This J201 Concept takes care of most of these concerns.

If you like this concept, please let Lexus know and they might offer something like it in the future that people can purchase.