Video: Mercedes Unimog vs Can-am Maverick vs the Rocky Mountains – One Gets Stuck, The Other One Keeps Going!

mercedes unimog can-am maverick x3 turbo diesel

Here is what happens when a lifted Can-am Maverick X3 faces a monstrous Mercedes Unimog on a snow-logged Rocky Mountain trail near the Continental Divide. We meet up with Jay and the crew from Couch Off-Road Engineering to test their latest rigs as well as some snow chains. Wait, what?! Testing snow chains in June? Indeed, this is the nature of Colorado high altitude off-road trails. Most of the paths that lead up to and over the Continental Divide (11,500 feet above sea level and higher) are often covered in snow until July or later in some areas.

The Can-am is a Maverick X3 Turbo R. Its suspension has been lifted by about two inches. It’s riding on 32-inch tall tires. This machine’s turbocharged engine has more than enough power (close to 200 hp) to churn through the toughest terrain. Its relatively short wheelbase is ideal for any off-road situation. Jay brought the tire chains for this side-by-side in case we encountered deep snow. We did…

The Unimog 1600 crew cab is equipped with factory all-wheel-steering and a 5.9-liter inline-6 diesel engine that originally produced 160 horsepower. It’s equipped with an 8-speed manual transmission. The team at Couch Off-Road turned up the power closer to 300 hp. The truck is equipped with a customized front bumper that is ready for a winch. The rear of the truck has a winch as well. This is one of the narrow-body Unimogs that is build to fit on most mountain trails. This truck is equipped with 44-inch tall tires that are 16.5 inches wide. Yep, this thing is also ready with tire chains.

Join the video for some crazy off-road fun!