Want A Small Off-Roader? The Volkswagen Taos Basecamp Concept Aims For Ruggedness, Just Like The Atlas

We'll see if Volkswagen makes this an available accessory package

Volkswagen Taos Basecamp Concept
Volkswagen took the theme from its larger Atlas Basecamp and translated it into a smaller package. (Images: Volkswagen)

Hey look, the Volkswagen Taos Basecamp Concept can off-road too!

The tiny Taos is a newbie to Volkswagen’s crossover lineup, but that doesn’t mean it will lack the same treatment as its bigger brother. Hence, the Taos Basecamp Concept — more or less a shrunken version of the Atlas Basecamp Concept we saw back in 2019, and which is now available as an accessory package on the all-wheel drive production models.

So what do you get this time around? Like the Atlas, the package still brings Fifteen52 Traverse MX wheels to the party, this time on severe service-rated Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail tires. To that, Volkswagen matched unique Basecamp badging, special orange accents and Waimea Blue paint. Sitting atop the crossover is something that does help it look the business — a custom Thule Canyon XT roof basket with Baja Designs LED lighting. The interior of the Taos Basecamp Concept, for its part, offers up a custom Polytec Group cargo divider.

“Many are venturing into the great outdoors and require vehicles with the innovations to accommodate their active lifestyles,” says Senior Manager of Performance and Accessories at Volkswagen Group of America Robert Gal.

He does hit on the explosive popularity of dirt-worthy SUVs. That said, apart from the tires, the Taos Basecamp Concept is here to look cool (which I think it does), and give some weight to what would otherwise just be another ordinary small crossover. Unlike some of its direct rivals, the Taos actually does offer a 4Motion all-wheel drive system. To that end, it can tackle some light trails, but don’t expect the Basecamp package to turn it into an off-road juggernaut.

How much will it cost, if this Taos makes it to production?

Again, based on our experience with the Atlas, Volkswagen will offer the Taos Basecamp as an accessory package, rather than as a bespoke model. Pricing is anyone’s guess for the moment, then, but the complete Basecamp package does tack more than $4,000 onto the Atlas’ MSRP. It’s not a huge stretch to imagine the Taos would see a similar premium, or perhaps a bit less given its smaller size.