Video: This ARB-built Toyota Land Cruiser 100-Series Might Just Be THE Best Ever!

2006 toyota land cruiser arb

ARB-augmented Toyota Land Cruiser 100-Series in “Dude, I Love My Ride,” is absolutely epic!

Think about this: this already tough Toyota Land Cruiser 100-Series has been seriously upgraded by ARB. Talk about overdoing it – in the RIGHT way. The owner of the Land Cruiser is Michael, and he bought the rig about two years ago. When he bought it, the rig already had the ARB front and rear bumpers installed. After taking ownership of it, he decided to go hog-wild with additional ARB gear.

Among other things, the bumpers, camping components, an air compressor, overlanding gear, and even the driving lights are by ARB. He has a subtle lift with Old Man Emu shocks – which are part of the ARB family too. I’m a huge fan of the look, of this lift, and the tire/wheel combination. He has just enough clearance to get over minor obstacles while maintaining a good balance between ride and handling. To get that wide stance, Michael used a spacer setup of some kind.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 100-Series featured has 225,582 miles on the odometer. Still, that 4.7-liter V8 purrs like a kitten, and Michael says it runs like a top. No surprise here. The Toyota 4.7 had a well-earned reputation for longevity. Michael’s fuel economy must be terrible. He thinks this rig weighs up to 9,000 lbs, my guess is closer to 7,000 – but, regardless, the heft of this Land Cruiser is no joke.

Major mods on this Toyota Land Cruiser 100-Series

Things like the snorkel and interior drawer unit are definitely notable, but there’s a lot more. My personal favorite modification is the addition of front and rear ARB lockers. This heavy rig would have a hard time going up slick-rock and muddy hills with an open differential.

There’s a lot more to see, and, in thins video, Andre talks with Michael about all the goodies!

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