Video: I Put The New 2021 Toyota Tacoma With a TRD Factory Lift To The Ultimate Off-Road Test!

2021 toyota tacoma trd off-road lift

Toyota is offering a ‘TRD Lift Kit’ for the Toyota Tacoma, and I put it to a challenging off-road test to see what it’s made of. The truck I’m driving is a 2021 Tacoma TRD Off-Road crew cab 4×4 with a short bed. It’s equipped with the TRD lift, TRD front skid plate, TRD performance exhaust system, and several other performance accessories.

Perhaps, the coolest part about this TRD suspension lift is that it’s available across all Tacoma trim levels (with the exception of the already lifted TRD Pro). Yep, you can get a Tacoma SR with this lift kit with a starting price of just over $34,000.

This suspension lift offers two additional inches of clearance in the front and one in the rear. It comes with unique TRD-tuned Bilstein shocks and the special TRD Pro grille that spells out “TOYOTA” on the front. This truck’s suspension has great control and ride comfort on pavement, but I could not wait to get it into the dirt and on top of some rocks.

I take it on the Iron Clads trail in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The first obstacle is a test of the approach angle, and it’s a piece of cake. While the Goodyear Wrangler with Kevlar tires on this Tacoma TRD Off-Road are unchanged, the additional height makes for a great approach angle.

Next up is the Razor Rocks obstacle. This is a test of clearance, articulation, and traction. I put the truck into 4LO and enabled the rear locking differential. There is a lot of melting snow and ice, so the approach is a bit muddy and the rocks are wet. I take the obstacle very slowly and actually pause to check for clearance. Of course, this kills my momentum and makes it even more difficult. Still, the truck crawls over the top and has plenty of clearance.

The truck basically passes every challenge I throw at it up the Iron Clads. However, I am not done yet. I take the truck down to several faster dirt trail sections to see how the suspension reacts to the additional speed. I find it a bit harsh when the speeds increase to 15-25 MPH on the bumpy and rocky sections. I am running close to normal tire pressures (about 30 PSI in this case).

This truck and TRD Lift Kit shine everywhere except for the faster off-road driving. If you want a softer and more confident higher speed off-road ride, you should consider the top of the line Tacoma TRD Pro and its unique suspension system. I think this ‘TRD Lift Kit’ is worth the $1,450.

You cannot get the factory lift kit if you are looking to buy a 2WD Tacoma, or one with a 2.7-liter I4 engine, or a crew cab long bed version. However, you can this TRD kit to any 2020+ Toyota Tacoma.

Join the off-road video below.

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