Here Is Why I Sold My Jeep Wrangler and Bought This Supercharged Toyota Tacoma Instead: Video

This one's cranking out north of 300 horsepower

This is a 2019 Supercharged Toyota Tacoma Images: TFLoffroad

This former Jeep Wrangler owner went and built up a supercharged Toyota Tacoma, and it’s epic!

In this episode of “Dude, I Love (Or Hate) My Ride”, we hang with a man who built up a supercharged Toyota Tacoma, making it into the ultimate Taco. Will, who lives in Utah, bought a built up a 2019 supercharged Toyota Tacoma. Sure, it wasn’t a supercharged Toyota Tacoma at first, but Will wanted to beef this truck up. He started with a new, 2019 Tacoma with the Off-Road package, and the rare 6-speed manual transmission.

Will added a few things to make this Off-Road package much more like the TRD Pro package. That includes the TRD Pro skid-plate and grill.. From there, Will wanted to build a Tacoma that will not only outperform the TRD Pro, but provide him with serious grunt. Will added a three-inch suspension lift, a setup he acquired from Fat Bob’s in Layton, Utah. From there, he added beefy 33-inch Falken Wildpeak A/Ts. In the future, he wants to go bigger.

This isn’t our first encounter with supercharged Toyotas, as we recently looked at a beefed up 4Runner as well.

Normally, the Toyota 3.5-liter V6 makes 278 horsepower.

If you pair that with the automatic, it’s a bit lethargic and the auto tends to hunt gears. Will opted for the six-speed manual and he added a Magnuson supercharger which adds 25-30% more power. That’s approximately 315 horsepower, and in time, it could increase to around 330 horsepower.

The supercharger component and install came out to $9,000, which is a lot. Fortunately, you get a 30,000 warranty through Magnuson on the powertrain. That’s provided that the installation is done under their strict guidelines.

Will removed the lukewarm stock JBL stereo system and added an Alpine unit instead. Another cool, and unique modification was his gear knob. His gear his was made by a friend of his in the Air Force, and it now weighs a pound. He feels it makes it even more fun to shift.

In this video, Tommy interviews Will about this epic pickup truck. On a side note: I think this may be the slickest setup on a modern Taco that I’ve seen. Will’s choice, keeping it stock looking – yet obviously changed – is outstanding. On top of that, he recognizes the value and fun of a manual transmission. What’s not to like!?

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