Ineos Takes “It’s Ready When It’s Ready” Approach — Delays Grenadier 4×4 Until 2022: News

Bummer for those looking for the spiritual Defender successor to hit the trails soon

INEOS Grenadier
Ineos announced it would delay the Grenadier 4×4 into next year. (Photos: Ineos)

The Ineos Grenadier may now launch in July 2022.

On Wednesday, the company released an official statement that it would slow down the vehicle’s launch due to delays. More specifically, it cited testing delays and rigid quality targets that need to be met before the Grenadier actually hits the public roads.

“We only have one opportunity to get this right and our quality and performance targets for the Grenadier remain paramount,” CEO Dirk Heilmann said. “We won’t cut corners.” As of this moment, the company claims to have 130 “second-phase” prototypes under testing. Through the next several months, Ineos will test those vehicles in extreme environments to try and see preordained durability targets.

H/T to Reuters and Costas Pitas for their reporting.

Even when the fledgling manufacturer announced its off-roader last July, robustness was the name of the game. To that end, the Grenadier rides on a boxed steel ladder frame, with beam axles in the front and rear. The vehicle has four-wheel disc brakes, but overall the idea is to build a no-nonsense off-roader that’s light on tomorrow’s world technology, but heavy on tried-and-tested mechanical components. The Grenadier uses permanent four-wheel drive, a mechanical transfer case and optional front and rear locking differentials.

Under the hood, the new Ineos Grenadier will use BMW-sourced inline-six engines, in both gas and diesel varieties. Naturally, we’re only getting the gasoline variant over in North America, with a familiar 335 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque. An 8-speed ZF automatic transmission will funnel that power to the wheels in turn. No word on pricing yet — obviously, Ineos still has some way to go in terms of development — but we expect it to land somewhere in a Jeep-ish range: about $40,000 to $50,000.