All-Electric Volkswagen ID.4 Completes NORRA Mexican 1000 Off-Road Race With Our Friend Emme Hall: News

(Images: Emme Hall)

Not only did the all-electric Volkswagen ID.4 complete NORRA Mexican 1000 off-road race, it held together well.

The all-electric Volkswagen ID.4 participated in the 840 mile, off-road NORRA Mexican 1000 race – and completed it. This was no walk in the park, Tanner Foust and our friend Emme Hall piloted the modified ID.4 over the hardest sections of the race, and the ID.4 managed it without any major issues. No other production all-electric vehicle has done this.

You can read the pre-race post right here.

The all-electric Volkswagen ID.4 race setup.

The (rear-wheel-drive) ID.4 was prepared by Rhys Millen Racing. This Volkswagen ID.4 racer used its stock powertrain and 82 kWh battery pack. Major modifications include a rally-style suspension setup. It has coil-over struts at all wheels and tubular lower control arms in the front and boxed lower rear links. Rhys Millen Racing also added skid plates of 3/8-inch to the undercarriage, and the body was lifted about two inches.

“This was an exciting test of ID.4 technology because no other production-based EV had ever entered this event, let alone completed it. Congrats to our team for demonstrating that EVs can stand up to extreme environments, and showing how fun electric vehicles can be. The ID.4 could definitely be the Baja Bug for the electric age. ”

Scott Keogh, President and CEO of Volkswagen of America.

Race results

Out of 90 vehicles entered, only 64 complete the race. The ID.4 finished in 61st position, and it only suffered a bit of cosmetic damage. Most of the race stages were completed by Tanner Foust. Emme Hall completed two stages, and the ID.4 was able to recharge mostly using a portable biofuel-powered generator connected to a 50 kW flat charger. There were a few times where there was no charger available. The team pulled the ID.4 around to use regenerative braking to recharge the vehicle enough to make it to the next charge location.

Sure, the all-electric Volkswagen ID.4 finished near the bottom, but that wasn’t the point. This race proved the vehicle is very rugged. Soon, we’ll see EVs challenging internal combustion vehicles on these (and other) race series.

More than the regular press release, we (TFL Studios) are supremely proud of Emme. She is a tenacious worker and an excellent driver. After completing some of the most challenging off-road races out there, and kicking ass as an automotive journalist, she’s getting these awesome rides. To put it another way, Tanner Foust was lucky to ride with her.

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