Video: Will The New GMC Hummer EV Be Good Off-Road? Hell Yeah, and Here’s 5 Reasons Why!

2022 gmc hummer ev truck suv off-road features

The new GMC Hummer EV truck and SUV will be very luxurious, but they also offer outstanding off-road features. We have not been able to drive and test these yet, but here’s a personal walk-around of the new Hummer truck to show all these off-road specs and features.


GMC HUMMER EV SUV offers a multi-sensory, immersive experience that puts drivers in the middle of every moment. Highly customizable displays and HUMMER EV-exclusive icons are featured on the 13.4-inch diagonal infotainment screen and 12.3-inch diagonal driver information center display.

The new Hummer EV truck and SUV Edition 1 models will be equipped with a three-motor powertrain. One of the motors is in the front with an ability to lock the front differential. Two motors are in the rear that can provide a side-to-side torque vectoring ability or a “virtual” locker by sending equal torque to both rear wheels at the same time. Considering the Hummer rates this setup at a maximum of 1,000 horsepower for the truck and 830 horsepower for the SUV – there is a LOT of torque and power going to each wheel. GMC rates the maximum torque at the wheels (aka. grounded torque) at 11,500 lb-ft of torque. Electric motors deliver maximum torque from the very get-go, and each motor can be precisely controlled. This should make for a capable four-wheel-drive system.

Extract Mode

The new Hummer EV truck and SUV are equipped with a height-adjustable suspension. The driver may choose between four ride-heights. The lowest ride height is around 10 inches. The maximum ride-height/ground clearance is 16.0 inches and this is also referred to as “Extract Mode”. This additional ride height may just be enough for the Hummer EV to go over an obstacle or get unstuck. However, this top ride height does not offer much suspension travel left. This is not the mode in which you can or should be driving in very far since the ride will be very stiff. This is simply meant as a way to help the vehicle out of a difficult situation.


The new Hummer truck and SUV are equipped with four-wheel steering capability. The rear wheels may steer up to 10-degrees. The rear wheels may steer in the same or in the opposite direction in relation to the front wheels. When both front and rear wheels steer in the same direction at slow speeds, this is called – CrabWalk mode. The Hummer basically drives sideways. Perhaps, the best part of the all-wheel-steer system is a tight turning circle. The Hummer EV SUV turning circle is rated at 35.4 feet. The truck is rated at 37.1 feet of turning circle. For comparison, the Chevy Bolt compact car turning circle is also 35.4 feet, although the Hummer EV truck and SUV are full-size vehicles.


The new Hummer vehicles will offer many different camera views and modes. However, the most unique camera view is the one under the vehicle. Some models will be equipped with two camera views under the truck, one showing forward and one to the rear. These views will show the position and placement of the wheels/tires and any of the obstacles that may be lurking. While even the best vehicle cameras struggle to show depth of field – these unique under-carriage shots should be useful while going off-road.


The 2022 Hummer EV Truck and 2024 Hummer EV SUV will offer at least two tire options. They will be Goodyear Wrangler Territory AT or Territory MT tires. The AT (aka. all-terrain) tires is the less aggressive option that is estimated to give the Hummer Truck a total electric driving range of 350+ miles. The Hummer SUV with its smaller battery is estimated at a range of 300+ miles. The Territory MT (aka. maximum traction) tires will be a part of the Extreme Off-Road package. This is a more aggressive tire and it may reduce the total driving range to around 280+ miles for the SUV.

Check out the TFLoffroad Youtube video for all the details.