Video: Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge Cheap Truck Challenge – Which Truck Would You Buy?

What's the best used 4x4 truck for under $5,000?

1998 chevy k1500 cheap truck off-road challenge

What’s the best used 4×4 pickup truck you can buy for under $5,000? We are about to find out in our “No Payment Needed – To Hell and Back!” video series. We purchased three used trucks for under $5,000. With the help of our friends at – we are making several upgrades to our trucks to improve their usability and off-road capability. The first main episode will launch this Sunday on our TFLtruck Youtube channel. Once the video series goes into full swing, you will see exactly which upgrades we chose for our trucks on our limited budgets.

The trucks we bought are:

  • 1998 Chevy K1500 Cheyenne
  • 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport Off-Road
  • 2004 Ford F-150 XL 4×4

Roman’s truck is the F-150. Nathan chose the Dodge Ram, and the Chevy is Andre’s truck.

The video you see here is a preview of Episode 3 in the series. This is the “To Hell and Back!” part of the series title. One of the main goals of this challenge is whether each one of these old truck can make the 700 mile round trip from Colorado to Hell’s Revenge trail in Moab, UT and actually tackle some of the off-road obstacles there.

Episode 3 is about all of us going over the ‘Frame Bender’ obstacle in Moab. Which truck is least damaged? Which truck is the toughest? Check it out to find out, and join us at this Sunday for Episode 1 of this series.