This UAZ MIR Camper Is Badass, And It’s Inspiring Suckers In The U.S. Market

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This UAZ MIR Camper is Badass, And It's Inspiring Suckers In The U.S. Market

The UAZ MIR Camper is based on the mighty, and odd-ball UAZ 3303 4×4 – which is the equivalent of a 1957 Jeep model FC-170.

Based on a platform that dates back over half a century, the UAZ MIR Camper has real off-road potential. If these renderings are an y indication of the final product, it could be pretty capable, but slow. The UAZ 3030 has a 112 horsepower 2.7-liter, four cylinder, gas engine. While the power figure is underwhelming, it also produces 208 lb-ft of torque. The only transmission available is a five-speed manual.

That’s not a lot of power to push a vehicle that weighs well over two tons. Fortunately, it has a proper two-speed transfer case, solid front and rear axles, and a payload of 2,700 pounds. Granted, that’s the base model van, and the added weight of the RV section will lower many of those numbers. Unfortunately, it has either a 13 or 20-gallon gas tank. That’s kind of puny for a vehicle which isn’t known for efficiency.

This UAZ MIR Camper is Badass, And It's Inspiring Suckers In The U.S. Market

It’s not a very big vehicle. The UAZ 3303 is 14-feet, eight-inches long, which is in-between the length of a Jeep Wrangler 2-door and four-door Unlimited. That is to say, it’s not very big for an RV. Its wheelbase is 100.3-inches, which is less than five-inches longer than a 2-door Wrangler. This is great news off-road. The UAZ 3303 distinguishes itself through excellent maneuverability in the rough. That, and the good articulation that comes from those solid axles could make this RV an outstanding overland vehicle.

Un-laden UAZ 3303’s are kind of slow, so the UAZ MIR Camper will not set any speed records.

Fortunately, they are known as excellent off-road vehicles, and that has grabbed the attention of folks who are familiar to the staff.

Here are the UAZ MIR Camper’s features (per UAZ website):

  • Seats equipped with seat belts (4 total)
  • Slipping places – 6 
  • Dometic compressor/absorbtion refrigerator – 60 liters
  • Kitchen stove with 2 burners  
  • 60-liter freshwater tank
  • Two used water tanks (30+60 liters) 
  • Water heater Elgena 12V/300W, 5 liters 
  • Heater Eberspecher/WeBasto Gel battery 100-Ah
  • 12V charger from a car generator, from 220V

Keep in mind: several Russian companies are trying to get their vehicles into our market. In some cases, there are Americans who are daring enough to import them. We may see one of these imported UAZ’s in the U.S. sooner than you think!

The video below is a Russian review of the UAZ Baikal camper. It’s based on the UAZ-452 SGR “Bukhanka.” I think the name comes from the external similarities to a loaf of Russian bread. In Russian, it’s known as Буханка

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