The Polaris Ranger EV Can Tow Some Logs — And The Logging Truck Too, Why Not?

Polaris published a new video showing the capability of the new Ranger EV. Not that you’d need to pull a logging truck that often…(Images: Polaris)

Yep, the new Polaris Ranger EV UTV can pull a fully-loaded logging truck.

Like the Toyota Tundra towing the space shuttle Endeavor, pulling a logging truck is not the most realistic way to show the capability of the Polaris Ranger EV. But don’t worry, the brief teaser video Polaris published on its new electric Ranger shows some of the more down-to-earth tasks it can perform as well. It’s one of the first vehicles the manufacturer’s putting out onto the market in its partnership with Zero Motorcycles, and it certainly looks like a capable working rig.

Apart from just being a workhorse, though, the Polaris Ranger EV promises to have a fun side as well. “This vehicle is an absolute blast to drive,” says engineering director of Polaris’ Special Vehicles Team Brent Erspamer. “From the instant acceleration that pushes you back in the seat to just creeping around at less than one mile per hour, the precise control of this vehicle is phenomenal.”

2022 polaris ranger ev electric side-by-side towing trailer snow plow

Like an electric car, the Polaris Ranger EV plays the game with instant torque and regenerative braking capability. What’s more, you can meter in the power a lot more precisely than you can to a gas-powered engine that’s mated with a continuously variable transmission, for all the fun that rubber-banding effect is to handle. Not only that, but add quiet performance to the mix? That may just make this rig a winner as it gets the job done around the farm or ranch.

Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly what all this capability’s going to cost just yet. The Polaris Ranger EV should launch toward the end of this year, though, so we’ll know more then. As long as potential buyers don’t get priced out versus buying a conventional UTV, Polaris may shift a fair few of these electric Rangers in 2022.

More on the team’s development below: