Video: Will the New Honda Talon 1000R Change the Off-Road SXS Game Once Again?

It now offers FOX Live Valve shocks.

2021 honda talon 1000r

Honda came onto the scene with the Talon 1000X and 1000R performance side-by-sides models around two years ago. This time we get to test their latest 1000R model at and around Sand Hollow, Utah. Roman and Tommy picked up this Talon in California, put it on the trailer, hitched it up to the new 2021 Honda Ridgeline, and went on this trip.

The Honda Talon is unique because it has an automatic dual-clutch transmission (DCT), while most other competitors are using belt-driven CVT units. The engine is a 999 cc liquid-cooled parallel twin with around 104 horsepower. The Talon can use a 2WD mode or be switched into i-4WD. The front suspension offers a good 17.7 inches of travel, the rear has even better 20.1 inches of travel.

The R designation in the 1000R means that this is a slightly wider machine than the 1000X with 68.4 inches of total width. The wider suspension offers more overall suspension travel.

The Talon also comes with Launch Control and plenty of traction to tackle a wide variety of terrain. Roman and Tommy put it to the test on rocky and sandy terrain in Utah. Check out the video below for all the off-road fun!