Video Preview: Ford Raptor vs. Ram TRX vs. Jeep Gladiator – 3 Trucks Take On Moab’s Frame Bender!

Images; TFLoffroad

The frame bender on Moab’s “Fins n’ Things” is no biggie for beefed-up trucks, but factory vehicles? That’s another story.

The Ford Raptor, Ram TRX, and Jeep Gladiator all have to face a bit of a challenge, the Frame Bender in Moab’s Fins n’ Things ORV trail. Nearly at the end of the ORV trail, the obstacle looms. Sure, folks in lifted Wranglers and Samurai’s have no issue with this obstacle, but it has been known as a curse for long wheelbases.

One thing our trucks, the Ford Raptor, Ram TRX, and Jeep Gladiator, have in common – is a long-ass wheelbase. All three also have a rather shallow rear departure angle, which means… “ssscccrrraaapppeeee!!” One time, Roman Mica managed to make any round exhaust pipe into an oval. Another time, I caught a Mitsubishi Montero’s rear bumper on that damn obstacle, ripping the plastic shroud right off.

Bumpers have been known to get a beating on this trail too.

The good news is, all of us at TFLoffroad enthusiastically endorse Fins n’ Tings as a fine trail for beginners and for folks who want minimum damage for their stock 4x4s. Taken slow, especially with someone familiar with the trail, it can be a great excursion. Also, the views from the trail are epic.

After a hard day of hitting the trails, we also recommend Milts Stop n’ Eat – the burgers and shakes are outstanding.

In this video, you’ll get a sweet preview of what the guys have planned for a much more technical video series (with even more vehicles). You will be able to see some of the challenges they are putting together for these remarkably expensive trucks. Sure, we own all three – but it’s nerve-wracking watching them scrape and grind.

Still, it makes for might fun video – right?

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