The Next Generation Polaris Ranger EV Is Teased Ahead of Its World Debut Later This Year

2022 polaris ranger ev electric work vehicle

Here is the first glimpse at a future 2022 Polaris Ranger EV. Just a few months ago, Polaris announced a 10-year partnership with Zero motorcycles. Zero is currently focused on electric motorcycles, but this partnership is expanding the electric vehicle platform to larger vehicles (such as this upcoming Ranger EV).

The Polaris Ranger is an off-road utility vehicle with the capability to haul cargo in its bed and tow a light trailer while offering great off-road ability. You can see all the features and capabilities of the 2021 Ranger in the “New Mini Truck” video below.

There is a current Ranger EV, which is currently the smaller form factor Ranger they produce. The current model uses lead-acid batteries and a 30 hp electric motor to propel itself.

This all-new Ranger EV promises to be a whole new animal. It will be using the latest electric motor and battery technology that comes as a result of this partnership. This includes the latest lithium-ion batteries. Polaris did not elaborate on the new Ranger EV specifications, so we do not know how much power, payload, towing, or driving range it will. The company says that the world debut is coming in December 2021.

The new all-electric Ranger SxS appears to be based on their latest larger Ranger 1000 (3-seater or Crew) chassis. Presumably, the next electric Ranger will join the rest of the Polaris Ranger lineup. It will not (at least initially) displace the rest of the Ranger models with internal combustion engines.

Here is a short video clip that Polaris released to tease the new electric Ranger. Will Polaris electrify the rest of their lineup including the RZR, Pro XP, General, and others? We will have to wait and see.