Here Is How the New Polaris Ranger EV Is Tested! Watch it Plow Snow and Tow Trailers

Watch it plow snow and tow trailers.

2022 polaris ranger ev electric side-by-side towing trailer snow plow

We still don’t have many details or specifications on the upcoming full-size Polaris Ranger EV, but Polaris releases this short video to show and describe what it’s like to develop and test an all-electric utility side-by-side. This is the first vehicle that is the result of the partnership between Polaris and Zero motorcycles.

Polaris says the upcoming electric Ranger will offer more torque and power than ever before. They show it undergoing cold-weather testing, plowing snow, and towing fairly heavy trailers. In a few video clips they are showing the Ranger EV prototype towing another Ranger on the trailer. Considering that a standard Polaris Ranger three-seater weighs around 1,500 lbs – the trailer we see may be bertween 2,000 – 2,500 lbs. Although Polaris does not specify exact weights or capability in this teaser.

We still don’t know the battery capacity, charging speed, or other capacities. The new Polaris Ranger EV is expected to make its official world debut this December 2021.