The RGB is an All-In-One Innovative Solution For All Your Off-Road Recovery Gear! (Sponsored)

This video is sponsored by Off Road in Mind.

RGB builds this innovative storage solution for your gear, and it hangs out in the back!

The folks over at Off Road in Mind asked us to put together a video highlighting their new product: the Recovery Gear Box – or RGB. This is a very simple storage compartment to install, and it makes a lot of sense for folks who head off the beaten path often. The fact that it uses the rear-mounted spare tire as an anchor is smart and simple. Normally, that’s unused space.

This sponsored content video is a demonstration on how to install the RGB, and what you can do with it. It’s a basic setup; simply use the provided straps to secure the RGB in place. Kase used a separate strap to keep the RGB in place as he fed the straps through the spokes of the spare tire. The whole installation took just a few minutes. We used a basic hitch-pin in this video; however, it’s recommended that you use a locking hitch-pin for security.

The RGB has a 24-inch diameter, and it’s seven-inches deep.

Using the Velcro strips, which came with the kit, Kase setup locations for his main gear. In a matter of a few minutes, he was able to easily secure a folding shovel, fire extinguisher and an extra D-ring.

One design feature we all appreciated is the lowering opening in the RGB that is specifically for loading your tow strap, while still connected to your tow-hitch. Usually, during serious off-roading, drivers will coil the strap and leave it in the vehicle. Unfortunately, it can get covered in gooey mud and make a mess of your interior. This simple solution helps keep things nice and clean.

Here’s what the RGB features (from

  • Recovery gear or emergency gear box
  • Tool-less installation
  • 1850+ cubic inches (over 8 gallons) of space
  • Secured to spare tire
  • It’s lockable – use any standard hitch lock of your choosing (when on the trail, use a cotter pin to keep it closed)
  • Gear is secured inside by “Velcro”®
  • Secure snatch strap or kinetic rope inside
  • Strap/rope can be connected to recovery point even when lid is closed & locked
  • Gear is where you need it
  • Rear camera? No problem! We made a large hole that it sticks through
  • Universal fit: any sized tire, any rim backspacing, any rim with “spokes”

While the storage solution isn’t water tight, it is water resistant. The hole where the strap can be fed doubles as a water drainage component as well. The capacity is over 1850-cubic inches, or over 8 gallons of space.

Check out this video!

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