The Jeep Wrangler Now Has Factory Half-Doors, But They’ll Cost You

Prepare to spend anywhere between $2,350 and $3,995 for the option, depending on which options you choose

Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited with half-doors (Images: Jeep)

If you wanted your new Jeep Wrangler to have half-doors, you’re in luck!

Once the domain of aftermarket providers, Jeep now has factory-built half-doors available for the Jeep Wrangler JL. For those of you unfamiliar with half-doors; they are light weight doors that omit glass. Basically, they are easy to remove small doors with no frames or glass. Many serious off-road enthusiasts like these doors over tube doors as they can be buttoned up to seal out the weather, if necessary.

The option is available for two and four-door Wranglers, but there is no word on the availability for the Gladiator – yet. I’m pretty sure that, if there is enough demand, it will work its way to the Jeep Gladiator as well. Just about everything else has.

Tube doors are not for everyone. (Image: Rugged Ridge)

Available on all Wranglers

There are a few options available. If you equip a two-door Sport, it will run $2,350 (standalone) to $2,550 (as part of a package) with the “Base” uppers. On four-door models, that price is $3,995 as a standalone option. Uppers are the section that substitutes for glass. It appears that Jeep can give you the half-doors as a stand alone replacement for the doors, or a dual-door option. The price can jump to $4,395 for the dual-door option on the four-door with the “Premium” uppers, available as a package with power-heated mirrors and speed-sensitive power locks.

Aside from being lighter, easier to remove and store – the half-doors give you a more open, top down experience. If you remove the top half of the doors and drop the top, you no longer will see anything but roll-bar and sky. On top of that, it should still provide some driving comfort as tube-doors tend to let in a lot of wind on the highway.

It looks like this option comes with hard-tops as well. Just for fun, I optioned a 2021 Jeep Wrangler Sahara with the Sky one-touch power-top. While the top isn’t really removeable, you can add those doors to the package – which is kind of cool.

There is no word on exactly how much weight savings there is by using the half-doors, and only a few hard-core Jeep fanatics care about the overall curb weight. The big deal here is for folks who like to drive as open as possible. The Jeep Wrangler half-door option is available now.

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