This Ford Shelby F-250 Super Baja Dials The Ruggedness Up To Eleven, And The Price Up To $125,805

Only 250 will be produced

The Tremor’s a beast, but this truck goes one step further.

Have you ever looked at a Ford F-150 Raptor and thought, “Nah, too small”? If even the Tremor doesn’t sate your appetite for a big, beefy, brawny truck then the 2021 Ford Shelby F-250 Super Baja has you covered. It’s a production-limited run, but it goes beyond Ford’s own ambitions with its heavy duty Tremor to create a baja blaster. “We leveraged expertise gained from our Shelby Raptor and Shelby F-150 programs to create the Shelby F-250 Super Baja pickup,” said Shelby American president Gary Patterson.

At its heart, you still get the 6.7-liter turbodiesel making 475 horsepower and 1,050 lb-ft of torque. For its part, Shelby American leaves those power figures alone. Instead, what you do get is a custom BDS lift with custom radius arms and a dual steering stabilizer. Shelby also put in Fox 2.5 adjustable coilovers with piggyback reservoirs in the rear. The 18-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 37-inch BFGoodrich KM3 tires offer some more off-road beefiness, as do the power steps with rock sliders. For those who are wondering, Shelby did recalibrate the speedometer to suit the larger tires. LED lights, a bed liner, tinted windows and powder-coated exhaust tips cap off the look.

In case you puncture one of those tires off-road, don’t fear. The Super Baja also has a pair of full-size spares on a bed-mounted rack.

As with their other trucks, Shelby American didn’t neglect the interior either. This F-250 Super Baja has bespoke full-leather seat covers, embroidery and accents. Carbon fiber accents abound, as do billet racing pedals and stainless steel gauges.

The bad news? Of course, if you want this level of power and customization from Shelby American, it won’t come cheap. Including the price of an F-250 Lariate Ultimate 4×4 donor truck, you’ll have to shell out $125,805 for the privilege of owning one. If you’re lucky enough to get one at all, as the production run is limited to just 250 units.

Still, if you can’t afford that sort of price, the normal Ford F-250 Tremor also proved itself to be a capable rig: