Can This Electric Lordstown Truck Complete the 290 Mile San Felipe Baja Desert Race?

Will it be the first electric 4x4 to complete this race?

lordstown endurance chassis baja race
(image: Lordstown)

Lordstown announces that their Endurance prototype skateboard chassis test vehicles will compete in the upcoming San Felipe 250 (SCORE International Baja race down in Mexico) on April 17, 2021. The race is a 290 mile loop, but the total driving range for a production Endurance truck is currently listed at 250 miles. Granted that the skateboard prototype does not have to carry the weight of the production body – its realistic driving range could be higher that 250 miles.

The Lordstown Endurance pickup truck has a battery pack in the middle of the truck’s frame. The truck is equipped with four in-hub electric motors for a combined power output of 600 horsepower. This is a unique motor solution. Most other electric truck manufactures use two, three, or four in-board electric motors. Lordstown’s in-hub motors allow for precise 4WD capability because each motor can be controlled separately.

Lordstown hopes that their Endurance prototype will be the first all-electric vehicle to complete the entire San Felipe 250 race. We will provide more details about this racing effort as they come up.