Video: Here’s A Look Inside The Polaris RZR Factory Racing Team’s Effort To WIN The 2021 Dakar Rally!

Dakar kicked off this week

This is the RZR Factory Racing team’s 2021 entry. (Images: Polaris)

Robert Wilmot, lead Engineer for the RZR Factory Racing team sat down with us – before the 2021 Dakar

Dakar is the world’s toughest race, and we were lucky enough to interview Robert Wilmot, lead Engineer for Polaris’ RZR Factory Racing team. Wilmot had to jump on a plane and fly out to Saudi Arabia with his racing team after we finished the interview. We have several posts regarding the 2021 Dakar. Those include the new Classics Class, an interview with Yamaha’s Camelia Liparoti and more!

Polaris RZR Pro XP Dakar

About the RZR in Dakar:

The Polaris factory team will take on the 2021 Dakar rally – January 3, 2021 through January 15, 2021. It takes place in Saudi Arabia with a factory-backed RZR Pro XP. The Polaris team will race two vehicles in the T4 (SSV) class. This is Polaris’ first time officially competing in the rally. They will be racing using the RZR Pro XP platform. They are mainly competing against Can Am, who dominates the field with the most vehicles. Yamaha will be there too, but with only a few entered in T4.

All of the main competitors in this class will be looking at how this race carefully. It is like ten Baja 500s over 12 days, and it will test their vehicles to the max. Data gathered by the team during the Dakar can point to changes and upgrades for future models. Simply put: the consumer gains from the trials of Dakar.

Polaris RZR Pro XP Dakar

The RZR Factory Racing RZR Pro XP will use as many factory components as possible:

  • Powers comes from a 4-stroke fuel-injected, DOHC, turbocharged, twin cylinder 925cc engine. The RZR will be capable of a top speed of 130 kph (80.77 mph).
  • The RZR will have a Motec ECU with custom wiring and dash, custom switch pad and onboard diagnostics.
  • A race standard 130-liter fuel cell
  • The Factory Racing RZR Pro XP will have a rear-mounted radiator with a custom roof scoop.
  • A lightweight lithium battery, set up by Braille Battery.

In this video interview, we chat with Robert Wilmot about his involvement in Polaris RZR factory racing, preparing for Dakar and more!

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