The Singer ACS Porsche Is Off-Road Rally Awesomeness…And It’s Real!

The Singer ACS Porsche Is Off-Road Rally Awesomeness...And It's Real!

The Singer ACS Porsche (All-Terrain Competition Study) is a real, functioning off-road marvel.

Oftentimes, we feature great looking renderings, like the BrandBuilds BMW M4 Off-Road concept – but this Singer ACS Porsche is the real deal. What began as a 1990 911 (964) has become an all-wheel drive (AWD), rally-bred beast. The ACS has an air-cooled, 450 horsepower twin-turbo, 3.6-liter flat-six. There is a five-speed sequential gearbox. It has a front, center and rear, mechanical, plated limited-slip differential too.

Twin, five-way adjustable dampers and massive control arms give this Porsche remarkable articulation. Massive brakes sit behind 16-inch aluminum wheels which support big BFGoodrich tires. The roll-cage is FIA-compliant, as are all the interior safety components.

The Singer ACS Porsche Is Off-Road Rally Awesomeness...And It's Real!

Porsche 911s have a long and remarkable history with rally racing. This particular vehicle is a tribute and reminds many of the 1974 African Safari. That’s where Russling Klaus piloted a 911 S to eighth place overall. There are a variety of other 911s, 959s and other Porsches that the Singer ACS Porsche pays tribute to.

The Singer ACS Porsche Is Off-Road Rally Awesomeness...And It's Real!

They built this vehicle in collaboration with Richard Tuthill, a legend in classic Porsche rally prep.

“Tuthill Porsche’s motorsport credentials were established in 1977, when Francis Tuthill competed on the London-Sydney Rally in a Volkswagen Beetle. We now lead the world in preparing winning cars for marathon events including The East African Safari Classic Rally, Peking to Paris Rally and many other globe-trotting adventures, not to mention shorter but equally thrilling events across Europe and beyond.”

Check out this epic rally film below:

Pricing and production (other than the one functioning example) are not available. This one-off rally machine is easily valued well over 1-million dollars. There is a second version of this vehicle on the drawing board. Currently, that model is in the sketch stage, but it looks epic nevertheless.

I know this is an off-road website, but I have to say that I adore the 911. I have always maintained that the Porsche 911 (ALL 911s) are some of the best mass-produced cars ever. Mix that with something that can bound over dunes and take on rally stages – you have the makings on an automotive legend.

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