The 2021 Dakar Race Is Over: Here Are The Winners In All Five Classes

This year's Dakar ended in triumph and tragedy

The winners in each class of the 2021 Dakar are listed below.

After thousands of brutal miles, 12-days, several injuries and one fatality, the 2021 Dakar rally comes to an end. Some of the results were predicted, but there were a few surprises. Despite the difficult physical, emotional and logistical challenges were exasperated by the COVID-19 pandemic, a surprising numbers of teams persevered.

Tragic news: Pierre Cherpin passes away due to injuries.

Sadly, Pierre Cherpin, who was competing in his fourth Dakar Rally, died after sustaining injuries. The 52 year-old rider sustained head injuries after crashing at the 178-kilometer mark. He passed away during a transfer in a medical aircraft from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Lille, France.

Many participants sustained injuries during the race that ranged from minor to serious. Unfortunately, this is a reality of all forms of automotive racing, and the Dakar is known as one of the most dangerous races over the years.

The winners are listed below:

  • Motorbike: Kevin Benavides (Argentina) MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2021
  • Quad: Manuel Andujar (Argentina) 7240 TEAM (Yamaha)
  • Lightweight: Francisco Lopez Contardo (Chile) SOUTH RACING CAN-AM
  • Truck: Dmitry Sotnikov (Russia) KAMAZ – MASTER
  • Classic: Marc Douton (France) TEAM SUNHILL (1979 Buggy)

A few notes about some of the other competitors and teams we covered.

Our friend Camelia Liparoti and co-driver Annett Fischer, finished the race in 16th place. Camelia Liparoti raced in the Prototype T3 class for Yamaha Racing, and this was her 13th Dakar. American Rickey Barbec finished second in the bike class for Monster Energy Honda. Our friends from the Polaris RZR Factory Racing Team finished 12th in the SSV class.

Finally, Juan Donatiu came in second place driving the Doria Racing’s Mitsubishi Montero V6 in the Classic class. This vehicle origionally raced in the 2005 Dakar. While the Classic class was run on less challenging staged (compared with the main Dakar routes) it was still difficult and demanding.

Congratulations to all of the winners and participants of the 2021 Dakar. It was a monumental race.

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