Video: This Western Star 49X 6×8 Can Tow More Than Half a Dozen Dually Trucks – COMBINED!

This truck can haul even more weight than this.

2021 western star 49x logger

It took them six years to design and develop this Western Star 49X

The long development of the Western Star 49X is based on how they evaluated the harsh climates the truck has to preform in. Among many clients, they also looked at workers in British Columbia, Canada and in West Texas, USA to get a gist of what type of environment these trucks would have to perform in.

The results were interesting. After exhaustive research, they concluded that the Rough Necks in Texas deal with harsher driving surfaces. On the other hand, the loggers in British Columbia spend more time off-road. By taking this information, along with other consumer research results, and factoring in everyone’s needs, they built the Western Star 49X.

The new 49x is assembled in the Cleveland N.C. DTNA assembly plant.

This is a “vocational” truck – built for a variety of different tasks. Still, all of them benefit from an all-new platform, new cab and new technology. The Western Star 49X featured in this video is a “tri-drive.” That means – three dually axles set up for a British Columbia logging configuration.

Our test model has a 12-speed automated manual, but there are other transmissions available, including a 7-speed Allison (in the dump truck), and more. The vehicle featured DD16 600 horsepower, inline six-cylinder diesel that makes 2,050 lb-ft of torque.

We estimate the combined-weight of this logger to be around 130,000-lbs. That’s a great deal more than the approximately 80,000-lbs tractor weight on standard, road-going big rigs. Part of the reason for this heft has to do with its three locking axles, heavy-duty frame and oversized off-road/towing components.

There’s also a new, modern and highly functional interior to add to the list of improvements.

Considering its size and remarkable capability, we wanted to feature this vehicle on our page, along with It’s just too much awesomeness to keep to just one page. Check out this video and join Andre as he gives us a great tour of this remarkable truck!

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