Video: This Can-Am Maverick X3 Is the Most Extreme Off-Road Machine You Can Buy Today!

Power up and throw some dirt!

2021 can-am maverick x3 max x rc turbo rr most powerful hellcat side-by-side

This is a sponsored post from Can-Am. The off-road vehicle manufacturer paid TFL for the production of this vehicle walk-around and the article that accompanies it.

What you see here is a brand new 2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX X RC Turbo RR side-by-side. What is this beast? This is currently one of the wildest and the most powerful side-by-sides available today. This beast has a long-travel suspension, massive FOX shocks, and 195 horsepower on tap. Here is what it’s all about!

Can-Am Maverick X3

The Maverick X3 is the latest generation of the high performance side-by-sides from Can-Am. The models start at $18,999 for a two-door / two-seater model. It’s called the DS Turbo. It’s equipped with a 120 horsepower engine. It’s 64 inches wide, and it offers 20 inches of suspension travel, according to Can-Am. If you like more power, you can step up to the DS Turbo R with 172 horsepower. This Turbo R starts at $20,999. If that’s still not enough, then you can go all the way to the Turbo RR (the engine in the machine we are showing here). This is the one with 195 horsepower. Starting price for a Turbo RR is $25,099.

The MAX designation in the name refers to the four-seater model. Naturally, this machine offers four doors and four comfortable sliding/adjustable seats with four-point seat belt harnesses. Once you strap into this bad boy – hold tight, and hang on. The Maverick X3 offers each person several hand-holds for additional security. The driver hangs on to the steering wheel.

Can-Am offers several specialized models of the X3. The DS models are targeted at desert and trail running. The RS model (you see here) is a bit more specialized for tackling desert trails and sand dunes. There are MR models that use special ITP Cryptid paddle tires to go through some deep mud. The latest lineup includes the RC models that are equipped for rock crawling and rock bashing.

You start one of these beasts by inserting a key into the dashboard and pushing a start/stop button on the center dash. In the case of this X RS model, the turbocharged three-cylinder ROTAX engine pops to life. This engine requires a minimum of 91-octane fuel. This is a high-performance machine and it drinks premium fuel. The fuel filler is on the passenger side in the front near the a-pillar. The engine is mated to a CVT continuously variable transmission.

The X RS offers the ability to operate in 2WD, 4WD, with a selectable front differential locker. There are a multitude of drive train and chassis modes. The driver can switch between Eco and Sport powertrain calibrations. The power steering system is adjustable.

We have big plans for this Maverick X3! We are planning to take it on several mountain passes in Colorado and Utah to gain maximum elevations and rack up enough vertical climb feet to accomplish an “Everesting” challenge. The goal is to test the Maverick X3 on a variety of terrain a climb an equivalent high of Mount Everest.

Check out the first video below.

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