Is Electric Brands eBussy Concept the Future of EV Overlanding?


Think of Electric Brands eBussy camper as a modern take on the go-anywhere Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro

Yes, Electric Brands eBussy is a concept that, if built, will be a multipurpose platform sporting several variants. No, it’s not built by Volkswagen, which is building their own EV van: the ID Buzz. This is something completely different. It’s an EV that can be completely customized to your needs – even if those needs change over time.

The eBussy has been developed according to the “Lego principle”. Detached from the chosen chassis variant, you can adapt your eBussy to your usage needs easily and quickly and as often as you like. You don’t need any special tools, you don’t have to work for NASA, you just need some help sometimes to remove a module and put another one back on.

Electric Brands

The Electric Brands eBussy is an entirely modular vehicle. There are essentially two platforms that you start with. You can either get a street-biased platform, or one built for dirt. Once you get the platform, you can add and subtract components to turn the EV into just about anything. It can be a van, a single or quad-cab pickup, a delivery vehicle and more.

The model pictured above is sitting on their “Offroad” platform. This setup has a lifted suspension and all-terrain tires. This setup has four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering.

This is Electric Brand’s EV scooter – the NES.

Electric Brands, based in Germany, has been in the the EV market for a while building a variety of two and three wheeled scooters. They have a fairly good reputation for innovation and design, which may help them in their endeavor. According to their website, they have well over 4,000 vehicles reserved since July – which is before an actual prototype is even built.

Power and performance

According to the company, the eBussy will have a 10-kWh battery capacity with approximately 200 kilometers of range. There will be an optional 30 kWh battery with up to 600-800 km range as well. It looks like the motor(s) will generate about 732 lb-ft of torque, but we're not sure about the horsepower numbers yet. Electric Brands says their vehicle will be able to carry up to 1,000 kilograms (2,204 pounds), which is impressive.  

Prices start for a base model at 15,800 euros, which is about $18,400 U.S. Obviously, additions and different platforms make the pricing go up from there. Right now, there is no word on imports coming to the United States; however, they are importing to other countries (Austria and Italy, so far) – so there is a possibility. Recently, mentioned affordable EV pickup trucks… well, this could more than qualify if they build it and IF they sell it here.

There are a lot of other details, such as modular batteries, solar panels, app-powered entertainment and drive-by-wire steering. This allows you to position the steering and interment cluster on the right or left side.

Enjoy this informative video!

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