BradBuilds Renders This BMW M4 Camper Concept – And it Looks Epic

(Images: BradBuilds)

When you think overlanding, think BMW M4 camper… wait, what?!

There are a lot of people out there who enjoy modifying their vehicles for camping and overlanding, but the idea of using a BMW M4 camper is somewhat – unique. Nevertheless, Los Angeles based concept artist BradBuilds has done just that. This is a rendering, but the image quality is absolutely photo-realistic, and it looks almost plausible.

Currently, there are several graphic artist out there designing some amazing looking concepts with similar themes. Everything from Ferrari Safari concepts to Bentley rally cars have been dreamed up. In this case, this BMW M4 camper looks a tiny bit more plausible, like something we might see at SEMA.

This is the FIRST time I’ve seen the new BMW M4’s nose look cool.

There are some interesting, if unrealistic, ideas going on here:

The camping box appears to be nearly five feet wide with enough space to (possibly) sleep two on a folding twin bed of some sort. There may be enough space for a small, folding table, a converting bench seat and storage. Something like this could have a small icebox, sink and stove too. That speculation is based on – IF – this were real.

The suspension lift looks… iffy. This would require a lot more than spacers. In order to maintain that stance, there would have to be an entirely updated and augmented suspension system. Everything from the struts, springs, A-arms and every bracket would have to be beefed up, or fabricated.

Why bother?

This is little more than an example of what BradBuilds can do. As far as we know, it was not commissioned by BMW or any up-fitter we are aware of. This design is featured on BradBuilds’ Instagram page, which gets a ton of traffic. This isn’t his first attempt at wild concept art.

This particular design seems to be blowing up the internet right now. Some of that has to do with how realistic it looks, part of it has to do with how cool it looks. All in all, it’s a fun idea, one that would be epic if someone actually built it.

What do you think?

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