Watch All the Yak Gauntlet Antics on This Jeep vs Ford Episode

The old Six-Shooter Ford keeps on racing!

jeep ford f-150 gladiator yak gauntlet

Welcome back to the Happy Yak Ranch for another episode of the “Yak Gauntlet” and the Yak-a-Dega 500 off-road challenge. This time we meet up again with David Morrow and pit our new Jeep Gladiator Rubicon project truck against a 1990 Ford F-150 2WD we call “Six Shooter”.

The old Ford is powered by a 300 cu-in straight-six gas engine – hence the Six Shooter. We originally purchased the Ford as a parts truck for our Gun Smoke charity project. We took the bed and a few other parts off the F-150. However, this old truck refuses to die. As such, David uses it around the farm. This time he hooks up some old tires in order to drag the field and also finish the Yak-a-Dega off-road course.

Tommy brings the Jeep Gladiator just to join the fun. Check out the video below as David races around a hilly and rocky off-road course in a two-wheel-drive old truck with a 1,300 lbs bail of hay in the back. Yikes!