Tiny Russian Overlander: Lada Niva 4X4 Camper Comes Out to Play!

The Lada Niva 4X4 Camper is based on an extended Neva platform – but it’s still smaller than a minivan.

Lux Form, based in Moscow, builds the Lada Niva 4X4 Camper, and you can get one for about 1,600,000 Rubles (less than $21,000 – base). Sadly, they can’t import it into the United States, but it’s available in other places. Perhaps, one day, we’ll see one at an overland show stateside?

You can read about another awesome Russian 4X4 (here).

The size is outstanding for adventure driving. It’s just 15.6-feet long, about five-feet, eight-inches wide and just over nine-feet high. 1.7-liter (VAZ – 21214) gas engine that is said to make 83 horsepower. Many say the actual output is closer to 70 hp. It also comes with a five-speed manual transmission and four-wheel drive. Considering the extra weight from the conversion, I suspect it will have a hard time getting up to speed.

The Lada Niva is one of the most popular vehicles to come out of Russia. It is known for its ruggedness, capability and the fact that it has been remained, little changed, for many decades. In fact, the Lada Niva is the longest running 4X4 still in production in its original form.

Normally, the Niva is a unibody vehicle, but other companies have added a subframe for various industrial and agricultural applications. These truck versions of the Niva have served as pickups, ambulances, and delivery vehicles. Basically, this frame-based idea was manipulated a bit and became this little RV.

Although it has a large sleeping area for two adults, it looks like the table may be converted into a bed for one more passenger. The Lada Niva 4X4 Camper is fully self contained. It has a small kitchen, bathroom, water supply and off-the-grid power options.

Here are the dimensions and capacities:

  • Total length 4769 mm
  • Overall width 1746 mm
  • Overall height 2776 mm
  • Base 2850 mm
  • Floor length 1278 mm
  • Internal height 1558 mm
  • Internal width 1648 mm
  • Sleeping place 1580 x 1980 mm
  • Gas compartment capacity Cylinder – 5 kg
  • Heating Webasto petrol 2 kW
  • Clean water tank 70 l
  • Submersible pump 18 l / min
  • Waste water tank 45 l
  • LED lighting
  • Battery AGM 95 A, 12 V
  • 220 V socket 1 pc.
  • USB socket 1 pc.
  • Central control unit Fuses for equipment, built-in charger 18 A
  • Number of seats 2
  • Number of berths 2

Control Panel:

  • Votronic activation button for an additional inverter;
  • Votronic control panel: indication of the charge level of the additional battery;
  • clear tank water level indication;
  • indication of the water level of the “gray” tank;
  • indication of the filling of the dry closet;
  • common 12V power button;
  • turning on the water pump;
  • Truma Therme boiler activation button;
  • Eberspecher 2D heater control panel.

Water supply and water heating:

  • 70l clean water tank;
  • 40L gray water tank;
  • Votronic water level sensor;
  • overflow protection;
  • boiler for heating Truma Therme water, 220 V, 300 W, 5 liters.

Considering its size, it holds a lot.

With a bit of a power boost, I think this little RV shows a great deal of promise. It’s like a bargain version of those ridiculously pricy adventure vehicles built here; only smaller. A lot smaller.

What do you guys think?

Here’s a promotional/sales video from Russia. I would recommend using the CC function if you don’t savvy Russian.

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