Speed UTV: A Race-Ready Alternative To The RZR Turbo S!

Baja Racing Driver Robby Gordon looks to make a splash in the SxS market with Speed UTV.

Speed UTV is a startup, off-road manufacturer with big plans. Speed already manufactures parts for the Arctic Cat WildCat XX, but Robby Gordon is looking to do more. Gordon has competed extensively in Nascar, Dakar, and Baja. That’s why Speed UTV’s designs are worth serious consideration.

Speed UTV designed much of the WildCat’s running gear including the suspension. As a result, Speed’s new machines will closely resemble the WildCat. However, mechanically, all three Speed UTV’s will be noticeably different from the Arctic Cat. 225 horsepower comes standard, though there is an additional race tune which boost output to 300 horsepower. Though the tune costs only a single dollar, it will void the engine warranty and require e85 fuel to work.

The base model “Baja Bandit” starts at $30,000. Starting price remains the same for the stretched “El Diablo” model. The four-seat “El Jefe” UTV starts at $32,000, and pricing goes up from there.

Limited edition UTVs carry a $1,500 premium for two-seaters, and $5,000 on the four-seat model. Why so much extra? Part of the limited edition package is a set of carbon fiber race seats. The LE also features beadlock wheels, five-point harness, and a roof.

The top dog Speed UTVs are labeled Robby Gordon Edition. RG Models start at $34,000 for two seats, and $37,000 for four. Besides the “race edition” graphics, Robby Gordon Editions have orange, powder-coated roll cages and suspension. Carbon suede seats, suede steering wheel, and a radio with intercom are all standard.

Each version of the UTV uses the same Speed 999 Turbo engine, and suspension with 22 inches of travel. Speed’s UTVs are a whopping 77 inches wide, placing them at the width limit for SxS racing. For comparison, the RZR Turbo S sits at a mere 72 inches wide.

Speed uses their own manually adjustable, internal bypass shocks. The manufacturer will offer a line of accessories which includes everything from lighting to storage, and even sound insulation.

Speed UTV plans to begin shipping units in December of 2020, though pre-orders can be placed now.

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