Report: Toyota Land Cruiser Is Being Discontinued in the U.S. in 2021 – Is It True?

What about the rumored 300-series with a twin-turbo V6?

Could it be? Is the Toyota Land Cruiser really being discontinued in the United States after model year 2021? This week, however, a dealer source told Motor Authority that Toyota’s flagship would exit the market after this upcoming model year. The source who wished to remain anonymous said, “unfortunately it’s gone, which I’m pretty bummed about. It’s a punch to the gut for all of us enthusiasts who love the product.”

TFL did reach out to Toyota for comment, and it’s worth noting they have not officially discontinued the Land Cruiser at this time. “At this time we cannot comment on speculation of future product news, as there have been no announcements with regard to the future of the Land Cruiser,” a company spokesperson said.

The Land Cruiser is currently closing its 2020 model year and entering the 2021 model year. If this report is indeed true, it means that Toyota may stop selling Land Cruisers in the United States about a year from now. The 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition is currently being sold. It’s still powered by a 5.7-liter V8. The Heritage Edition has unique TRD wheels, a roof rack, and more. The starting price is $85,415.

How important is the Land Cruiser to the American market? Our very own Tommy Mica goes to the Toyota Land Cruiser museum that features every generation of the off-road SUV and some you probably have not heard of.