This Nissan RE-LEAF Disaster-Response Vehicle is Rugged EV Awesomeness

An off-road Leaf? Well, sort of

The Nissan RE-LEAF is fully prepped for disaster relief, including providing emergency power.

This is the Nissan RE-LEAF and it is a working prototype based on the European-spec Nissan LEAF. The Nissan RE-LEAF features weatherproof plug sockets mounted directly to the exterior of the vehicle. This allows 110 to 230-volt devices to be powered from the car’s lithium-ion battery.

A fully charged Nissan Leaf could power an average home for up to six days.

The RE-LEAF is built to go in to danger, that includes a crumbling city.

The RE-LEAF utilises the LEAF’s bi-directional charging ability, which has been a standard feature of the model since its introduction in 2010. This means the LEAF can not only ‘pull’ power to recharge the high-capacity battery, but also ‘push’ it back to the grid through V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid), or directly to electronic devices through V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) technology.

As a disaster recovery vehicle, the Nissan RE-LEAF can power multiple devices simultaneously. Here are some examples (based on
230v power consumption):

  • Electric Jack Hammer – 24 hours – 36kWh
  • Pressure Ventilation Fan – 24 hours – 21.6kWh
  • 10-litre Soup Kettle – 24 hours – 9.6kWh
  • Intensive Care Medical Ventilator – 24 hours – 3kWh
  • 100 watt LED flood light – 24 hours – 2.4kWh

The RE-LEAF is a demonstration model, a concept for something that could have practical applications in a modern world. According to Nissan: in Japan, Nissan has been using the LEAF to provide emergency power and transportation following natural disasters since 2011. Nissan has formed partnerships with more than 60 local governments to support disaster relief efforts.

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Helen Perry, Head of Electric Passenger Cars & Infrastructure for Nissan in Europe, commented; ‘Through Nissan Intelligent Mobility, we’re constantly exploring ways that electric vehicles can enrich our lives, beyond just zero-emission transportation. Concepts like the RE-LEAF show the possible application of EVs in disaster management and demonstrate that smarter, cleaner technology can help save lives and provide greater resilience for the future.’


This Nissan RE-LEAF is not all-whee drive (AWD), the upcoming Aryia EV will be. It does have a serious suspension lift and upgrade, off-road-capable tires and wheels and underbelly armor. The whole car is a mix between a rally car and a utility tool. It’s very cool and I want one.

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