The Unimog Of EVs? Check Out This Mercedes-Benz EQC 4×4² Concept

It's a portal-axled beast — something we didn't think we'd say of the EQC

(Images: Mercedes-Benz)

The Mercedes-Benz EQC 4×4² Concept makes use of portal axles and gobs of potential.

If public opinion is positive regarding the Mercedes-Benz EQC 4×4² Concept, there is a slim possibility that the automaker will build some version of it. It’s kind of like other extreme vehicles, like the G550 4×4²; people clamored for it, despite its unrefined on-road characteristics. In any event, the sheer thought that the Mercedes-Benz EQC 4×4² Concept even exists is extremely gratifying.

With the addition of the portal axles, enlarged fender-wells and beefed up suspension, the EQC 4×4² boasts great off-road numbers. Ground clearance is 11.5 inches, and it can ford 15 inches of water. It has a 31.8-degree approach angle and a 33- degree departure angle. Those numbers basically double the EQC’s regular numbers. The concept also has large Cooper Zeon tires.

Power and tech

Just like the regular EQC, the 4×4² has a pair of electric motors pulling electricity from an 80-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery. That battery power helps produce 402 horsepower and 561 lb-ft of torque – combined. In stock form, it is supposed to have a maximum range of 220 miles. There is no additional information about other modifications done to this concept. Mercedes-Benz did say that they were also testing on-board acoustic production software. This sound technology will give better acoustic feedback to the driver and (using external speakers) – pedestrians too.

Once again, Mercedes-Benz has no official plans to push this concept into production at the moment. However, they say they are receptive to feedback, which could change things. The EQC has received a mediocre reception so far. It’s not a Tesla challenger, but it looks amazing with this design. It also could serve as a testbed for future off-road products built by the automaker.

Mercedes-Benz builds some of the most legendary and noteworthy off-road vehicles. That philosophy has also rubbed off on its crossovers, like the new GLB shown above. If this concept is any indication of where they see future products heading, the EV battle might be getting interesting.

Here’s the only video with the concept in motion. This is from our friends at Ausfahrt.TV. I would recommend using the CC if you aren’t savvy in German.

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