Does the Hummer EV Have the Bronco Sasquatch In Its Sights?

What are these easter eggs about?

2022 gmc hummer ev sasquatch

The new 2022 Hummer EV and 2021 Ford Bronco are not direct competitors. One is a large all-electric 4×4 pickup truck, and the other is a gas-powered 4×4 SUV that is about half the price. Both have convertible tops and represent the latest off-road technology and capability for their respective brands. Studying some of the images that GMC Hummer has published, several more easter eggs can be found.

Take a look at this AUX switch and charging screen in the new Hummer EV. First, it shows some of the possible fast charging speeds of the new truck. Instantaneous charging speed of “+610 mi/hour”, which is very fast by current electric vehicle standards. The truck has at least six virtual AUX switches that can be used for accessories. The image shows AUX1 as skull and bones, and AUX2 as an image of what appears to be a sasquatch inside a gun sight. Let us know what you think this means in the comments section below.

Here is another screen from the new Hummer EV.

Here is another look at the Ultium battery pack that contains 24 modules and up to 200 kWh of capacity. The battery feeds a single front electric motor and dual rear electric motors.

We are still very surprised by the price of the new 2022 Hummer EV Edition 1 launch edition truck. It lists for $112,595, and the reservations for this model are already spoken for.