Dangers Of Mountain Shelf-Road Driving Become Way Too Real In this Jeep Accident

Here is a link to the fund to help the passenger recover.

jeep rollover black bear pass
(image: Y2K Wrangler)

The dangers of mountain shelf-road driving become all too real when this Jeep cliff fall is caught on video. A Jeep Wrangler went off the edge of the Black Bear Pass trail in southern Colorado on October 10, 2020. The good news is that no people died, but Suzie Rhodes (a 23 year old woman from Durango, Colorado) was seriously injured when she was ejected from the vehicle. Suzie was a passenger in the Jeep as it started to roll. The driver of the Jeep jumped out just before.

The TFL Studios crew have driven this pass several times in recent months and years. It’s a very beautiful location, but the dangers of it cannot be underestimated. The other crazy part is that the rolling Jeep narrowly missed another Jeep in the convoy on a lower part of the serpentine trail – as the video shows.

There are several ways you can help Suzie recover:

  • Watch the ‘Y2K Wrangler’ video below as all proceeds go to her
  • Use the GoFundMe page
  • Use @HelpingSuzieHeal Venmo account