Can the Upcoming Volkswagen ID.4 EV “Off-Road?” Maybe…

The little ID.Buggy won't go into production, so this could be the next best thing

The Volkswagen ID.4 has the potential to spin off an off-road variant. If they do, would you buy one? (Images: Volkswagen)

The 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 EV will soon hit the U.S. market

Several news outlets have suggested that the Volkswagen ID.4 all-electric crossover will have an off-road version as well. Some have found compelling evidence. It’s quite possible that a more off-road-capable version of the Volkswagen ID.4 is in the planning stages right now.

What we’ve heard so far

Internally known as the “Ruggedzz” (yes, really), this version of Volkswagen’s electric crossover could have a lifted, beefy suspension, off-road tires, armor and other off-road bits as well. Some sightings of this prototype bounding around off-road in Europe have been reported. Those reports, along with a post from CleanTechnica, among others, cite a lot of internal movement leading to an off-road EV based on the ID.4.

The term “ruggedized” points to the process of making equipment (usually, military) more rugged for the field. Basically, it’s making something beefier to handle abuse. That’s where the name Ruggedzz came from.

Et tu, ID Buggy?

The ID Buggy made it beyond the “concept” phase, but Volkswagen is looking at a more pragmatic approach.

Volkswagen opted not to build the slick little electric ID.Buggy, which many feel is a mistake. True, it was not very practical and wasn’t a full-on Jeep Wrangler competitor, but it was cool. Rather than build a new platform, it makes sense that they use what’s at hand and build something that a larger audience would buy.

On top of that, consider the fact that Volkswagen has a ton of off-road know-how, and they want to remain in that realm.

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