Are There Such Things As Affordable Electric UTVs? HiSun Sector E1 LSV

This one starts at $10,999

This is the HiSun Sector E1 LSV. It competes with the Polaris Ranger EV UTV directly. [Photo: HiSun Motors]

With a little research, I found a few affordable electric UTVs.

One of the models I found is the HiSun Sector E1 LSV. With a starting price of $10,999 (which is fairly loaded out of the box) it’s not a bad price. Still, it’s slightly more expensive than a Polaris Ranger EV. But is Hisun’s offering any better?

In terms of power, performance and capability, they are just about on par.

The Polaris Ranger EV UTV. [Photo: Polaris]

The HiSub Sector E1 LSV has a 48 Volt 27 hp AC drive train – the Ranger EV UTV has a single 48-Volt, high-efficiency AC induction motor that makes 30 horsepower. Both have nitrogen-assisted independent suspension. They both can tow up to 1,500 pounds, but the Polaris can outhaul the HiSun thanks to a 500 pound payload advantage. Both UTVs has four-wheel hydraulic brakes.

We have yet to drive any HiSun products. Reports are mixed, but we get the impression that you get a lot of accessories for the money. Perhaps that’s how they hope to compete head-to-head with Polaris. Stay tuned to for more updates, as we’re hoping to test this out soon.

HiSun Sector E1 LSV specifications:

Engine Type:AC Induction
Battery Voltage:48
Battery Type:Discover™ Dry Cell
Battery Capacity:2080 Amp/Hours
Charge Type:6 – 10 hours
Charging System:1,200 Watt / On-Board Charger
Torque (ft. lbs.):220


Drive System:2WD / 4WD
Locking Differential:Front
Final Drive:Direct
Range:> 42 Miles*


Front Suspension:Dual A-Arm
Rear Suspension:Dual A-Arm
Shocks:Hydraulic W/ Nitrogen Assist
Front / Rear Brakes:Hydraulic Disc
Parking Brake:Mechanical
Front Tires:26 x 9-14 DOT Certified
Rear Tires:26 x 11-14 DOT Certified


Overall Vehicle (L x W x H):110″ x 62″ x 73″
Wheel Base:72.5
Cargo Bed Dimensions (L x W x H):30″ x 41″ x 11″
Cargo Bed Dump Type:Gas Assist
Cargo Bed Capacity:500 LBS
Person Capacity:2
Empty Vehicle Weight Rating:2,061 LBS
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating:2,764 LBS
Tow Rating:1,500 LBS
Ground Clearance:11″

Other info:

Instrumentation:Analog Speedometer & Tachometer With LCD Rider Information
Winch:3,500 LBS
Windshield:2-Piece DOT Certified
Brake Lights:Yes
Headlights:High / Low Beam
Turn Signals & Horn:Yes
Doors:Not Available
Electronic Power Steering:Not Available
Warranty:2-Year Limited
Colors:Camo, Red, Bahama Blue, White
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