Here’s The 2021 Ford Bronco Taking On The Rubicon Trail — And Picking Up Some Battle Scars In The Process

Bronco versus Rubicon - which one wins?

Images via Bronco 6G

Yep, the 2021 Ford Bronco on the Rubicon – flexing.

Lots of sweet looking photos of the 2021 Ford Bronco on the Rubicon trail in the Sierra Nevada mountains. As most of you know, this 22-mile trail has a variety of obstacles that challenge 4X4s and often cause trail damage – or worse.

Yes, there is a TON of Bronco coverage, but these shots off-road are just too awesome to ignore. Before you ask – NO – there are no Bronco Sports on this trail. It’s kind of a bummer because Jeep tests all of their products on the Rubicon, even the diminutive Renegade.

One of the things the Rubicon demands is good articulation. This Bronco seems to be doing alright.

Our friends at supplied these photos… and the Ford guys seemed pretty happy about being seen in these Broncos. Everyone wins.

The last time I was on the Rubicon, a first-gen Raptor rolled and the driver was injured. Many say that, for new vehicles, the Rubicon is the domain of Jeep. How fitting is it then, that Ford has returned with a serious off-roader?

Not only that, it looks like the good folks at Ford brought a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (JL) to compare. Also notice, it looks like that Jeep may have sustained trail damage. The right-rear fender flare is missing and there’s serious scuffing near that area on the rear bumper. I’m sure Ford guys will notice.

Not only did Ford pull out all the stops with their Rubicon adventure, they had a helicopter on site as well Why? Helicopters are cool. Maybe there’s a safety reason or something too.

There were a few Ford Broncos on the Rubicon, we could see the two and four door versions sporting what appears to be the Badlands versions with Sasquatch underpinnings. This makes sense, it’s the most off-road capable of the new batch after all.

This interior tells you a few things: it’s a fully loaded Badlands model with lots of bells and whistles. AND – it’s not a manual version, which is not available with this type of off-road kit, nor the big V6. Also, it’s apparent that Ford is still testing various systems and performance. Look at the top of the dash and all that wiring.

With the doors off, you can clearly see how much larger the openings the passage is over the Jeep Wrangler. We still do not have official numbers on how much these doors weigh over the Jeep’s doors, but they certainly look bigger.

Thanks again to our friends at These photos are awesome!

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