Jeep is Teasing a V8 Wrangler

With the new Ford Bronco about to be officially unveiled to the world, Jeep sent out a cryptic teaser to try and steal some of the blue oval’s thunder.

A stylized photo of Jeep Wrangler with a 392 emblazoned on a raised hood was released by the brand, leading us to believe that a 6.4-liter HEMI equipped Wrangler could be right around the corner.— Jeep (@Jeep) July 11, 2020

Swapping V8s into the Wrangler is a fairly common aftermarket upgrade already, with FCA selling a 392 crate engine that you can buy and have installed in your Jeep.

Before we stoke the fires of excitement too much, this could also just be an Easter Jeep Concept that was put on the shelf when the event didn’t happen, or possibly the announcement of some type of Mopar backed upgrade kit.

Whatever the case may be, the new Ford Bronco is forcing Jeep to the top of its game, and for the end users, that can only be a good thing.