2021 Cimarron Freedom Toy Hauler Has This 16-foot Garage! TFL Camper Corner (Video)

This is the 2021 Cimarron Freedom toy hauler. (Images: TFLtruck)

Check out the 2021 Cimarron Freedom camping toy hauler trailer!

This 2021 Cimarron Freedom toy hauler is actually one of the smaller toy haulers Cimarron offers. It’s 29-feet in length (on the floor). Still, it has one of the largest garages in its class. With a 16-foot garage in back, and a luxurious living area up front, it is mighty impressive.

A trailer like this is why Andre enjoys TFL’s Camper Corner so much!

Its garage size allows this trailer to easily hold one of the larger four-seat side-by-side ATVs.

Goose-neck trailer, meaning it is a little bit more compact compared to a fifth-wheel. It has eight lug hubs on its wheels and heavy duty axles. The Cimarron Freedom can handle 14,000 lbs of total weight. This trailer weighs 11,000 lbs, which gives you 3,000 lbs of load capacity.

Andre takes you through a detailed tour of this trailer. This same trailer is also being used in an upcoming Ike Gauntlet!

It has a steel frame and aluminum body panels make it strong and lightweight. This is a major plus when lugging it up dirt roads leading to campsites and trail heads.

There is a lithium ion battery pack as oppose to a generator. An inverter allows 3,000 watts. That much power will allow several hours of off-the-grid use.

Finally, there’s a small fuel tank and pump integrated into the trailer, which is much better than dealing with messy plastic refueling tanks.

Prices were unavailable for this model, but you can go to TransWest website and see others. Check out this video and tell us what you think!

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