2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 Gets New Smart Shox Active Suspension

Can-Am has revealed the latest version of its Maverick X3 with the biggest addition being new FOX shocks that can adjust on the fly.

Developed in partnership with FOX, the same brand that supplies Polaris with its Live Valve active suspension technology, Can-Am is looking to provide riders with a best of both worlds experience: tight handling and whoop-eating desert running. 

The new Smart Shox will be available on the most powerful of all the Maverick models, with the new official title being the Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR with Smart Shox. Say it out loud. That’s a mouthful. 

To offer the best performance, the system uses nine sensors to constantly monitor wheel positioning, velocity and driver inputs to adjust damping at each shock independently, making over 200 adjustments per second. The benefits are numerous, like flatter cornering, less nose dive when braking and better launches thanks to less squat. 

This system differs from what Polaris offers in two ways: Smart Shox controls both compression and rebound damping, where the RZR only controls compression, and the Can-Am’s shock’s are quicker to react. 

To go from full soft to full stiff, Smart Shox take 0.017 seconds, compared to 0.4 seconds in the Polaris. Three drive modes will be offered in the machine to tailor the shocks’ performance: Comfort, Sport and Sport +. 

Other specs on this machine stay the same, which means 195 horsepower is on tap and the width comes in at 72-inches.

There are two color options with the new Smart Shox models, black on black or desert tan with black and red accents. Of course loads of accessories are already available, though there is a long list of things included standard on the new Smart Shox model.

The list of standard accessories includes a roof, full skid plates, a tow hook, 4-point harnesses, performance drive shafts, the Smart-lok front differential and LED lights. 

That brings the price to $29,499 USD, making this the second most expensive model in the Can-Am lineup, only being topped by the four-seat version, which sells for $32,099. 

North of the border in Canada, this new Smart Shox model goes for $35,599 for the two seater and over 38 grand for the four seater. 

Can-Am is continually packing its machines full of new smart features, and this is another example. The Smart Shox models will be available in dealerships in fall of this year.