The ATAC-V Patrol is the Most Extreme Off-Roader You’ve Never Heard Of! In-Depth Walkaround Video

Getting into the absolute hardest to reach places on earth has always been a challenge that man has taken on, and now, a Canadian company has a new way to do so.

We met with owner and founder of ATAC-V (All Terrain Amphibious Carrier Vehicle) Claude, who showed us around his new unit and revealed all the features.

The ATAC-V Patrol is meant to take on the Sherp here in North America, along with the Fat Truck, all of which use the same basic philosophy: massive tires on a small lightweight vehicle. There are some big differences in operation though, starting with the transmission.

The Patrol uses a Hatz 2.0-liter turbodiesel that makes 74 horsepower and 170 lb-ft of torque, hooked up to a hydrostatic transmission. That means that the Patrol uses all hydraulics to get moving, unlike the Sherp, which has a five-speed manual transmission.

The Patrol is controlled using a central joystick, making it dead simple to operate. For different speeds, there are five selectable “gears” in the Patrol as well, though what the shift button actually does is open up the hydraulic valve a little more, allowing more fluid and more pressure to be exerted.

The basic Patrol model comes outfitted with a steel bed on the back, imitating what you would find on a pickup truck. For customers who would rather haul people than cargo, there is also a full cab version that can fit up to eight people in the back.

This vehicle is built for professionals who need to reach hard to get to places, like those in the oil patch, mining industry, and the military.

Add it all up, and the Patrol will cost about $105,000 USD ($135K CAD), making it competitive with the Sherp on price point.

Watch the full video above to see the man who built the Patrol explain all of its features.