Is the Polaris RZR RS1 Reliable? Dude, I Love (or Hate) My Ride @Home Edition

The powersports submissions have started to come in for Dude, I Love (or Hate) My Ride @Home Edition, and today we’re looking at two different Polaris machines.

First up is a Polaris Voyageur snowmobile, offering serious utility in a body that’s ready for trail riding. This 550 fan-cooled sled comes equipped with a cargo storage area and a hitch, and the owner of this machine uses it to had out ice fishing.

Second this week we focus on the Polaris RZR RS1, the single-seat sport UTV from the brand. This particular RS1 has actually been on the channel before thanks to its owner Wayne, who brought it out for a meetup back when we could still do such things.

Now, Wayne provides an update on how reliable his RS1 has been, and he has had a few issues. He has replaced his rear drive shafts, as one already snapped, while the radius rod managed to bend in the rear end, again replaced by the aftermarket. Power steering fuses also went bad on this RS1, though luckily that one is really a quick fix.

Modifications have been added to this machine as well, mostly in the form of protection. A set of nerf bars keep trees from being hooked, while new door nets keep debris from hitting the occupant. These are smart upgrades to make, considering they’re all about protection for machine and occupant.

If you want to see both of these machines for yourself and meet the owners, watch the full video above.