These Mercedes Unimogs Just Went Higher than Any Other Vehicle Ever Has

Extreme off-road Unimog U 5023 trucks assist an expedition team in Chile and even set the world altitude record at 6694 metres.

A new world record has been set for the highest altitude achieved by a vehicle, accomplished by a pair of Mercedes-Benz Unimogs.

The Unimog U 5023 trucks climbed the Ojos de Salado volcano in Chile to a height of 21961 feet, besting the previous record by just 20 feet. Climbing the mountain wasn’t just for fun either, as the expedition set out to install four radio emergency units at high-altitude camps.

To make the climb, both of the trucks has massive tires, multiple winches and a variable center of gravity system developed by Unimog engineers.

According to the leader of the expedition, Matthias Jesche, the trucks “mastered the extremely steep and rocky passages thanks to a combination of the best, reliable technology, a balanced centre of gravity and amazing tyre technology to bring the materials and equipment to these enormous heights. At no point in time around the world have motorised altitude expeditions taken two trucks simultaneously to such an altitude.”