An Off-Road Perspective on the Tesla Cybertruck

When it debuted its simple, sharp angles, the Tesla Cybertruck shocked the automotive world with its minimalist design, helped by an impressive set of specifications.

We know that the Cybertruck can pull a total of 14,000 pounds and haul up to 3500 pounds of payload, but exactly how will it handle itself off-road?

Well at first glance the numbers suggest that the Cybertruck will actually be decent off-road, though all of the specifications are not out yet. We still don’t know what it will weigh or its exact wheelbase, but for now lets go over what we do know.

Every single Cybertruck will come with standard air suspension, capable of lifting the body up for a full 16 inches of ground clearance. Tesla doesn’t say what the normal resting ground clearance is. For approach angle, Tesla says that the truck will have 35 degrees while the departure angle comes in at 28 degrees. Break over angle is unannounced.

For overall size, we do have a few numbers and it seems that Tesla stuck very close to the F-150 for overall size. Total length is 231.7 inches while total width comes in at 79.8 inches. Both numbers are within half an inch of the F-150 Raptor.

So how does that stack up to the F-150 Raptor off-road? Ford’s most impressive off-road pickup comes in with 11.5 inches of ground clearance, an approach angle of 30.2 degrees and departure of 23 degrees, leaving the Cybertruck as the better option in every circumstance.

Pricing for the Cybertruck begins at $39,900 according to Elon Musk, just a hair below the Ford Raptor. That will get you the two-wheel drive version of the truck, while bumping up to $49,900 gets you the mid-range all-wheel drive dual motor version. At the top of the range is the tri-motor Cybertruck, starting at just under $70,000.

Details on the all-wheel drive are also not available yet, but having multiple electric motors powering the wheels generally means you can have a full torque split to each of the wheels.

Range is also a major consideration for off-roaders and the Cybertruck has will have three different range choices. The base version is good for 250 miles, the dual-motor is rated at 300 miles while the tri-motor is said to be good for 500 miles of range.